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Hand Wash Refill

Charlevoix Boreal Forest Blend
Notes of Labrador Tea + Citrus | 67.6 fl oz | 2 L
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  • 4 full bottle refills in each pouch
  • Coming mid-May. Not in stock yet.

Non-stripping, deeply nourishing, soap-free micellar cleanser

Microbiome-friendly formula, protecting your skin's natural ecosystem

Charlevoix Boreal Blend natural scent: sustainably-sourced essential oils from balsam fir, white spruce and black spruce with notes of Labrador tea and citrus

Upcycled avocado oil creates an oil infused micellar complex; micelles surround dirt particles, break them down & render them water-soluble, so that they can easily be cleansed away from the skin

Xylitol, an upcycled humectant, binds water to skin to ensure skin feels soft, hydrated & comfortable after washing hands

99% of ingredients are from natural sources $ over 21%* of ingredients are upcycled (*excluding the water content)

Vegan, cruelty-free, Credo Clean Standard

This pouch contains 4 full refills for our Sans Savon Hand Wash Forever Bottle

This pouch is heavy so only open when you are ready to refill your Forever Bottle

Store in a cool dark place

Our patent-pending Forever Bottle is made from 100% post-consumer plastic and was created to be refilled with our large size pouch to minimize plastic waste and carbon footprint

Naturally derived and upcycled ingredients; readily biodegradable

As a family-owned Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), we have a triple bottom line mandate (people / planet / profit)


Everything begins with balance. From our formulas to our packaging to our mindset, we thoughtfully assemble every detail to create balance. It's a give and take between form and function, style and substance, and the internal and external to create a continuous harmony.

More balance means less stress on skin

Using a soap-free formula, Sans Savon products offer a better way to cleanse by not stripping skin, but giving skin what it needs to stay healthy, balanced, and protected.

Naturally derived antimicrobials remove 99.9% of dangerous bacteria like e coli and salmonella, 99.9% of microorganisms that cause bad body odor (Staphylococcus hominis and corynebacteria) and 100% of fungi that causes nail mycoses and athlete’s foot fungi

Plant-based esters and fatty alcohols aligned with skin’s natural PH leave skin’s lipid layer protected whereas soap has higher PH and erodes the lipid structure of skin.

Prebiotics in the Sans Savon formula feed the skin’s microbiome to keep it healthy while removing invasive bacteria and germs. 

Sustainably-sourced ingredients rich in fatty-acids nourish and keep skin moisturized. 

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