Much the way an avid reader would open a bookstore or a prolific chef would start a restaurant, we created Sans Savon as both an extension of our personal passions and a means to sustain ourselves. This business is the manifestation of our life's journey: finding balance. In our lives, in our bodies, in our world.


When we started Hairstory in 2015, we had no idea how much we'd love working together. Not many life partners are able to succeed as business partners too, but right from the start we realized the same yin/yang that brings balance to our home enables synergies at work. The next seven years were the best of our lives, an incredible nexus where life and love and work all came together. Hairstory eventually grew up, and when we stepped down from day-to-day management we knew we would continue working together in our next chapter.


As our first step, we realized our years-long fantasy and purchased a property in Charlevoix. For over a decade, we had been exploring Canada in search of an escape from a world on the edge of becoming unhinged. After exploring everywhere from the Bay of Fundy to Cape Breton to Vancouver Island and the Gaspe Peninsula, we bought property in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. We had found our source of peace. The ancient mountains crashing down to the tidal flats; the boreal forest with its thick carpets of moss; the frigid fjord teaming with krill, pilot and beluga whales; the fertile farmland nestled in the impact crater of a massive asteroid strike. It is a land of extremes that offset perfectly - self-perpetuating, eternal.

And our belief that there is a better way to clean your body.

As daily practitioners of yoga for most of our lives, we are convinced that everything is interconnected and constantly seeking balance. From the biosphere of our planet to the microbiome of our skin, every action has a reaction, every cause an effect. Just as this requires us daily to rebalance our mind-body connection, it challenges us to be more thoughtful about everything from how we impact our environment to how we care for our bodies. Sans Savon was born from the belief that we can clean our skin thoroughly while keeping our body's natural protective barrier and microbiome intact.

Thank you for joining us!

We are excited to be on this new journey. Bringing beautiful, innovative products to the world... inspired by our magical new home in the Charlevoix... enabling us to carry on our work/life partnership... in a way that aligns with our core values.

Eli + Erica Halliwell