Sunset over La Malbaie, Quebec

Our Mission

Our mission is to find balance through everyday acts of caring for ourselves, others, and the Earth.

    Finding Balance

    We founded Soapless, PBC (the parent company for the Sans Savon brand) as a Public Benefit Corporation because we believe that businesses should function in service of all three P’s: People, Planet, Profit.

    While all economic activity (and all human activity) impacts the planet by depleting resources and generating waste, we have designed our products to tread as lightly as possible on the Earth, leaving behind as small a footprint as possible.

    This is an ongoing journey and we will continue to seek ways to be better. By imbuing our brands with the provenance of inspiring regions of the Earth, we celebrate their natural beauty and create the responsibility to help them self-sustain by funding local social and environmental initiatives.

      What it means to be a Public Benefit Corp

      A Public Benefit Corporation is “a corporation created to generate social and public good, and to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.”

      As a PBC, along with reporting our P&L to local and federal tax authorities, we are required to report on our progress against our established public benefit purposes.

      For Sans Savon, our public benefit objectives are to:

      • Provide a way for people to safely and effectively clean their hands and bodies without using ingredients that could cause them harm or irritation
      • Eliminate the deposition of ingredients associated with personal hygiene to the soil and water table that do not biodegrade and could create harm by accumulating in the environment and/or in people’s bodies
      • In the context of personal hygiene, reduce the use of plastics specifically and reduce the carbon footprint broadly
      • Channel revenue from product sales back to the regions and communities that inspire our brand, both for social services and environmental protection, to help them self-sustain in perpetuity

        How we try to tread lightly

        We formulate our products using only ingredients that are healthful to humans and that safely biodegrade before they return to the Earth.

        Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from upcycled inputs; in some cases up to 25% of our ingredients are from upcycled sources.

        Our “forever bottles” are manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and designed to last for years of daily use.

        Our pouch refills also have post-consumer recycled plastic content and reduce plastic consumption by over 60%. Shipping large 4:1 refill pouches instead of multiple 1:1 refills reduces our transportation carbon footprint by ~67%.

        We avoid carton usage wherever possible, choosing paper wrapping when possible, and always use FSC or recycled paper.

          How we give back

          Our products have a depth that comes from their provenance—breathtaking places that inspire us to do better and be better people.

          Once our business is self-funding, we pledge to donate 1% of revenue from Sans Savon sales to environmental organizations in the Charlevoix region through 1% for the Planet.

          Additionally, once we are self-funding we pledge to donate 1% of revenue from Sans Savon sales to non-profit organizations in Charlevoix that benefit local residents’ lives directly.